The Andhra Pradesh School Education Department has launched Q I P (Quality/Quick Improvement Programme) to develop the competencies among Govt. primary and upper primary school children in the year 2004-05. After the success of Q I P, the Government implemented C LI P (Children Language Improvement Programme), C L A P S (Children Learning Acceleration Programme for Sustainability) during the years 2005-06 to 2008-09. C L I P and C L A P S were successfully implemented at Primary and Upper Primary schools and got good results. In this Programme schools were graded with  A,B,C,D grades.

                             After the success of C L A P S Government implemented a new programme called L E P (Learning Enhancement Programme) in this academic year i.e, in  2009-10. The competencies are based on the NCF-2005. Each subject has 4 competencies. This year we have to give subject wise gradings also.

Schedule :-  For 2009-10

From July 20th to 25th --- Base Line Test

                 July 26th to--- Implementation of L E P

 Some of the attachments are here to understand about the competencies :-

 *Competencies Subject wise Download

*  Base Line Test model Paper

    English    IV Class       V Class

 L E P Monthly report forms :-

       All the formats are in PDF and are compressed with RAR. Hence all are requested to unrar  and use the formats. If any changes are required, please inform me at 2007kondareddy@gmail.com.

    Class wise Progress Report Download

    School grading Report Download

     Student Port Folio Proformas Download




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